Foundation Ceremony
On 18th February, 1976 His Holiness Acharya Maharajshri Tejendra Prashadji laid a foundation stone of this temple and Shastri Swami Harikeshavdasji got erected the wonderful temple at Sector 23, Gandhinagar.

On the day of samvat year 2035, Vaishak sud-4, dated 30-4-1979, opening ceremony was performed by His holiness Acharya Maharajshri.

Pratistha Mahotsav
It was celebrated on a very large scale in the benign presence of the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Hon. Babubhai J Patel and about ten thousand devotees and saints who came from various parts of the country and abroad.

Unique Characteristics of The Temple
Remarkable discipline, regularity, peace and cleanliness are the unique characteristics of the Swaminarayan Temple, Sector 23, Gandhinagar (India). Shastri Harikeshavdasji trained the kids, youngsters and even elders preaching above qualities. Officers, dignitaries and all others are habituated to regularity and discipline of the temple. Any celebration and function of the Temple has never been delayed even for a minute so far. Even on an occasion of great celebration and sabha no hustle bustle is there.

Since the Temple started, it has created a very good image among the people. The people realize that no fund is collected by force nor even money is demanded. While taking benefit of ‘Katha’ (Discourses) and Satsang Sabha and Temple’s routine activities all devotees are sincerely satisfied with Shastri Harikeshavdasji. They believe that Shastriji is one the most capable saints for city’s needs of ‘Satsang’ and ‘Sanskar’ (Virtues). In such a peaceful, selfless, spiritual, disciplined atmosphere of the temple followers get divine peace.

Khaat Muhurat Khaat Muhurat