Shastri Swami Shri Harikeshavdasji has been continuously active for molding character and virtues of young generation. He believes that even useless stone, lying on the path, can be turned into God, if it is carved or engraved. Very fine tune can be created by every musical instrument if one has mastery to play on it. Tasteful food can be made from every spice, if one is well versed in cooking. In the same way, virtue can be produced into a man, if one is skilful to create it.

That is why, honourable Guruji tends to produce Samskar and virtues in kids and youngsters, who have to cross tremendous waves, swimming safely. More, they will have to pass the lengthy way, full of ups and downs, happiness and misery, throne and stone. So the future generation extremely requires the advice and ‘Satsang’ (association with Saint). With such good motive, Swaminarayan Yuvak Mandal was established by the inspiration of Shastriji on 7th February 1991, at Swaminarayan Mandir, Sector-23, Gandhinagar. Yuvak-Sabha (Convocation) is held on every Thursday. In that convocation, youngsters gather, chanting and singing Bhajans without any kind of selflessness and temptation.

By the inspiration of Shastri Swami, very good activities are being done through Yuvak Mandal. What is important thing in our life? Of virtue and good bringing up. It is extremely necessary to protect life of youngsters against bad atmosphere of modern age luxury, entertainment and various addictions. Only those youngsters can save themselves against modern age-vices, who join the organization, which is run under the guidance and inspiration of Saints. As the plastic made flower does not have fragrance, the same way, the young does not have the smell of virtue without Satsang. One can develop such good qualities by attending such organization.

In such favorable atmosphere, youth can develop such good qualities i.e. non-addiction, boldness, intellectual power, and inner-abilities, including knowledge regarding ‘Satsang’ (Swaminarayan Sect). One can strengthen the life of ideal youth observing religion, code of conduct and good behavior. One becomes real devotee by settling good Samskar steady in life such as Kirtan, Pooja, scripture reading, to have Darshan, Sewa etc. Here youth learns even lesson of material-life including mutual-love and social services. Moreover the young learns how to behave with parents, elders and family members, how to manage unity with concerned persons.

Benefits to join our organization are as under:

  • Organizer’s practical guidance, advice as well as dealing of thoughts and actions etc. plays very important role for personality development. Most important thing in personality development is our communicative skill, which is well fulfilled by the organizer, calling every youngster compulsorily on stage to deliver his speech. Moreover, as a pride of Satsangi, every young is insisted to learn by heart i.e. ‘Kirtan’, ‘Vachnamrit’, Verses etc. and by participating in Rass (Devotional Dance), conversation, drama, religious quiz, lecture, One can remove his stage-fear and attain personality development. Thus every Yuvak is allowed to have rare opportunity for personality development free of charges or selfishness. Actually institutes and industrial units make expenditure for the same.
  • In this organization one has chance to have friendship with those who are connected with various fields. Nowadays for the same motive, man joins a club or a forum, which asks for financial assistance from the member. Contrary to this, every new-comer has good opportunity to make acquaintance with highly qualified engineers, doctors, M.B.A., Post graduate, graduate, computer literate and businessman. This makes friendly relations far and wide. Most important feature of this organization is achievement of good and civilized friends on hand.
  • All kinds of information related to service, business, education or professional qualifications are availed in the organization. Moreover religious and life oriented knowledge or preaching enriches the living standard. Even a single preaching (commandment) produces living standard higher, then it is far better if one in still in life the fifty preaching of whole year to fill life with charms, smell and happiness.
  • Membership of this union develops the values like leadership, quality and administrative power. By having the power of blessing and inspiration of Guruji, number of youngsters have crossed the peak of success, getting higher educational qualification, degree of doctorate, engineering, B.Pharm, M.B.A, Computer Literate, Post graduation etc.
  • It is the pride of the organization that, the member preserves civility and virtues of the Satsang, even while living in the remote area of India and abroad.
  • It is the pride of the organization that, the member preserves civility and virtues of the Satsang, even while living in the remote area of India and abroad.

Spiritual and Social Activities of “Yuvak Mandal” (Youth Organization):

  • Every Thursday 8:30pm to 9:30pm religious gathering is held. This religious meeting is the source of number of virtues like self-confidence, enthusiasm, loyalty, faithfulness, honour to parents, politeness, loyalty to beloved Master Guru and God.
  • Growth of knowledge regarding sect, Shastra-reading, sense of one’s own responsibility and duty, development of inner intellectual-power including guidance for education and profession.
  • Picnic to symbolize mutual-love
  • Encouragement for S.S.C and H.S.C students by offering gifts.
  • Birthday greeting card exchange on the birth date of each member.
  • Spreading the message of love by Bhajan Kirtan, visiting house to house.
  • Unique inspiration to be useful to one another.
  • Anti-addiction movement.
  • Prabhat-Feri (Early Morning Moving Chanting God’s Name) to celebrate religious festivals.
  • Performing the duty of volunteers at the time of sewa.
  • Enlightening the talents of youth by Raas, lectures, conversations, quiz-competition on religious question.
  • Increasing mutual emotions with ‘Satsang’ (Sect), Saints and Satsangi (Followers).
  • Filling full dealing by letter writing to the member living at far places.
  • Free-cost distribution of text books to the members studying in S.S.C and H.S.C.
  • Encouragement for self-employment.
  • Assistance in natural calamity.
  • Organization of blood donation camp, free diagnosis medical camps.
  • Free guidance for S.S.C and H.S.C students before Board Exam.
  • Computer education at reasonable low rate.
  • Health center will be setup in nearest future.